Up next: Phillip Kremer

Please join us Friday, May 17 for the opening of Stable Genius. 7-9 pm.

This month One Grand Gallery is pleased to present Houston-based artist Phillip Kremer, with his exhibit Stable Genius. Kremer uses digital manipulation to create surreal portraits of celebrities, political figures, and faceless others. Many of Kremer’s portraits appear grotesque, lurking in the uncanny valley. He explores how repetition of a single facial feature, or the replacement of eyes with some extra forehead, can quickly transform people into monsters. At the same time as they are disturbing, Kremer’s images are funny. He often plays with the appearance of politicians who commit monstrous acts, mocking them. This cathartic body of work processes difficult truths of the current political climate, and daily realities of the American working class.

IMG_2312 (1).jpg
The imagery I create can be taken by viewers in many different ways. Some cause laughter, others anxiety and bewilderment. For this I am happy. Whether you like it or hate it, I just want to get your mind off the last thought you had. We each have our own issues (and if you don’t now, you will). How we cope with life is what makes us, and sometimes breaks us.

I began making these pictures on my phone about eight years ago to keep myself occupied while bored at work. I found that it helped me deal with a number of things I had going on at the time. Social anxiety and depression are battles I have fought most of my life. I have an obsession with image searching, going to thrift stores, and trying to make myself laugh. Making these images takes up the empty space in my life that I would otherwise be using unproductively.

I feel like my eyes are hungry, and random images are the only thing they want to devour. Copyright issues, fair use, and privacy have all been on the forefront of my mind. I welcome productive criticism and embrace your input. Thank you all for letting me touch your headspace!
— pk

may 2019