MARIO GALLUCCI  |  Counterfeit Universe

Looking forward to April, One Grand Gallery presents Counterfeit Universe, a solo exhibition by Mario Gallucci

Counterfeit Universe is about the copy of a copy. It is about belief in surface, attitudes towards brands, our relation to objects, and a deep personal affection towards the mundane. Gallucci’s work looks at the human condition as it relates to surrounding objects. His process, a combination of photography, sculptural pattern-making, and recreation on a 1:1 scale, allows his sculptural photographs to operate in a liminal space between existence and representation. This casts even the mundane in a new light, questions their significance, symbology, value, and the relational affect on the human condition.

Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, an important part of Gallucci’s art relies on the impressions and reactions of the viewer. There will be tricks and illusions, but each is backed by a meditation on perception and reality, light-hearted wit, and meticulous craftsmanship. One Grand invites you to get lost in the world of Gallucci’s Counterfeit Universe, to judge both what you perceive, and how you perceive it.

Join us Friday, April 3rd at 7pm for the opening reception!